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Why Build a Basement?

High Cost of Housing
The price of housing continues to rise but people are still demanding more square feet of livable space. The least expensive way of generating more livable space is to finish the basement.

Basements have a reputation as being cold and damp, but with today’s construction methods and technology, this is no longer true.

A cast in place concrete foundation wall gives you quality space that can be improved at a minimal cost.

Walkout basements, areaways, creative lighting such as cove lighting and luminous ceilings can make the lower level space anything but drab and cold.

Security and Safety
The concrete basement walls also provide an excellent retreat when wind storms or other natural disasters threaten.

Safe rooms, a current trend in home construction, can easily be incorporated into a basement.

FEMA data shows that nearly three-quarters of the United States is at risk from wind storms.

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