8 Steps to a solid foundation

Weber Concrete Construction is involved from the first step to the last. A manager works with the Excavator and the contractor to precisely set the foundation on the site. This first step in the entire construction process assures the house will be located how the owner wants it with the elevation best suited for the home.
With an experienced Superintendent supervising our footer crew, the first step in a dry basement begins. These men install the forms to meet the local building codes and pour the concrete for the walls to set on.
tile & sump pit, Gravel
Weber provides both an interior and an exterior perimeter drain standard on every basement. The tiles empty into the sump pit to eliminate water around the foundation. There is gravel under the concrete slab and around the exterior of the foundation to aid the drainage and assist in keeping the basement dry.
The forms by Tuf’-n-Lite provide for a solid well built basement wall. Our men set the walls according to the blueprint provided using standard industry practices and following all state and local building codes. Before the wall can be poured it is double checked for square and that all dimensions are accurate. Only then is the concrete placed in the forms.


After the forms have been removed from the poured concrete wall it is ready to be waterproofed. Weber Concrete Construction provides choices in waterproofing. This gives the option based on conditions and needs to have the best product for your basement. Attention to detail is the hallmark of this company.


Once the waterproofing is finished the remainder of the gravel is added to fill the slabs for the basement floor and the garage slab as well as about 2’ more around the entire exterior perimeter.


Concrete Slabs
All concrete slabs poured through Weber Concrete Construction are done to current industry standards after a local building inspector has passed the preparation.


This brings the entire process to a successful conclusion. Establishing proper grade away from the foundation to give positive drainage is the last step in helping to have a dry basement. Once the backfill is completed the basement is ready for framing.  



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